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Following world trends in the development of gadgets – accessories for mobile phones, a team of young people in the WEB387 company developed BH. version of the currently popular “phone finger ring”. From now on, this gadget will be available for purchase in the form of Bosanski Zvekir.

Zvekir is made of castle, a material that is a combination of zinc and aluminum. The movable joint rotates 360 degrees and adapts to the hand. Placed at 90 degrees, it serves as a phone holder. It is ideal for safe painting and writing.


Zvekir is packed in a special wooden box on which your logo can be engraved. The packaging is accompanied by a booklet on the symbolism of the rattle in Bosnian, English, German, French, Turkish and Arabic. Zvekir is applied to the back of the phone, preferably on the lower part of the mask.


And yes, just as our team #squealed while making this gadget, we hope you too will shudder with us by carrying a touch of homeland on your mobile phones. You can give it as a gift to everyone who has felt what Bosnia and Herzegovina is and want to take a part of us with them…

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Za tri naručena Zvekir proizvoda ostvarujete besplatnu dostavu u Bosni i Hercegovini!