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OD WEB387 commits to the privacy of your personal data, which will be used exclusively for the purposes of shopping on our webshop.


  • To be able to shop on our site, you must be a registered user. The registration process is very simple and requires only basic personal data.
  • When viewing products on the site, there is a “buy” button next to each item. By clicking on that button, you will be notified that the product is in your basket. It is possible to add the same product to the basket more than once.
  • You can view all the products you want to buy at any time. By simply clicking on the basket icon in the upper right corner of the site, you open a page showing all the products ready for purchase, where you can easily delete products from the basket or increase the number of desired products.
  • When you are ready to make a purchase, you only need to click the “Place order” button on the basket page. After that, the purchase order will open for you. If you have changed your mind about the purchase or want to change something, you can return to the basket page by clicking the “back” button. Complete the purchase order as well as the purchase process by clicking on the “confirm purchase” button.
  • All prices on this website are expressed in euros and VAT is included in the price.
  • OD WEB387 retains copyright to all text and multimedia content on this site, as well as program code. Unauthorized use of any part of the site without the permission of the copyright owner is prohibited and entails legal consequences.

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